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Hatch 11 Plus Gen 2 Finatic Fly Reel

Hatch Reels at Anglers Lane Hatch Finatic Gen 2 at Angler's Lane
Hatch reels offer consistently smooth performance with superb reel design and construction.  In addition to a strong, light frame, their superb sealed drag system is second to none. 

STACKED DISC DRAG - The majority of the drags on the market today incorporate what can be called one-to-one surface contact, meaning that one surface (metal) is driven or drawn toward another surface (cork, plastic, carbon fiber, graphite, etc.). Hatch reels take a completely different approach by incorporating a stacked disc drag. The discs are made up of a combination of stainless steel and Rulon®, and positioned in a stacked configuration.

EBS (EFFECTIVE BRAKING SURFACE) - EBS is measured by the surface contact area of one disc times the number of surfaces it contacts. Each Size reel has it's own unique disc size and combination. The size and number of discs determines the EBS in square inches.   Benefits include:  More surface area for a smoother, more durable drag and virtually eliminating start up inertia; heat distibution spread over multiple surfaces, rather than one to one contact (thereby eliminating stick slip problems caused by extreme heat in high-speed runs); disc materials requiring NO lubrication or maintenance.

FINATIC spools and reels are compatible to Hatch's previous MONSOON and PULSE models, meaning, the frames and spools are interchangeable with earlier models Hatch reel fans may already own.
model line
diameter width weight

backing capacity **

spools available price
11 Plus
11-12 4.625" 1.5" 11.1oz 30# Dacron 
(LA Spool: WF11F-275, WF12F-250) 
(MA Spool: WF11F-425, WF12F-400)
Capacity: 50# Gel Spun 
(LA Spool: WF11F-400, WF12F-350) 
(MA Spool: WF11F-700, WF12F-660)
Large and Mid Arbor $825 / $375

** The capacity information above is a minimum baseline standard only.  Check the diameter of your backing of choice to estimate actual capacity.
Black/Silver Clear/Green Clear/Black 
Clear/Blue Clear/Red