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Marmot Basic Work Glove

 Was: $40.00 $19.95

Marmot Basic Work Glove

Anything but basic, Marmot's work glove is designed with a DriClimeŽ bi-component wicking liner and falcon grip.conditions.

  • Falcon Grip
  • Main Materials: Leather 0.6 - 0.8mm
  • Weight: Lg. 0lbs 5.2oz (147.4g)
  • Lining Material: DriClimeŽ 3-Dimentional Wicking Lining

DriClimeŽ mesh is a bi-component denier gradient dimensional knit made of two different denier yarns. Using extremely fine deniers this knit is extremely light with superior wicking performance.

How doesDriClimeŽ work?  The larger outer yarns are a special filament yarn with an open capillary structure, which pulls the moisture away from the skin to the backside of the mesh where it spreads to increase evaporation. The dimensional structure of the knit combined with the smaller denier yarns on the backside of the mesh increase the surface area allowing for greater moisture holding capacity.

This technology increases the interior comfort of the garment by enabling the wearer to feel less clammy and more comfortable over a wide range of temperatures and conditions. The mesh prevents condensation from collecting on the skin no matter what the level of activity due to its 3 dimensional structure. The dimensional knit structure also helps by spreading the moisture over a larger surface area maximizing the efficiency of the evaporate process. This technology solves the problem of condensation and internal comfort that even the most breathable of fabrics have problems with during high intensity activities.

Performance Specifications  Content: 78% Polyester, 22% Nylon

Total Weight: 32 g/m2