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Angler's Lane Bass Attractor Fly / Streamer Collection with Richard Wheatley Box

Angler's Lane Va Troutslayer 12-Fly Collection with Richard Wheatley fly box - details
Angler's Lane Bass Attractor Streamer Assortment with Richard Wheatley fly box

Looking for the ideal gift for the bass fisherman to fit a budget this year?  Or just a great selection of bass flies to get started for smallmouth or largemouth which one can use almost anywhere?  You won't find a better all around assortment of bass streamers than our Bass Attractor Assortment.  These crawfish and baitfish imitations have proven themselves time and again with our guides and customers.  As a bonus this assortment comes with an attractive and highly functional Richard Wheatley box* for well under half price!   Rest assured that it's not only an effective assortment but a great value as well !

Box dimensions:  5
7/8" x 3 5/8" x 7/8"

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