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Scott G Series Rods - Anglers Lane
Scott G Series Fly Rods

Scott G Series are iconic fly rods. They’re medium action, smooth flexing fly rods treasured by anglers the world over.

Scott broke ground with the first G rods in 1976, and changed fly fishing by creating the first 9’ 4 weight fly rod, and also introduced the world to the hollow internal ferrule-the most sophisticated way to connect multi-piece fly rods in a smooth and seamless fashion.   In 2006 Scott introduced the G2 series and modernized medium-action fly rods by making them lighter in hand and increasing their recovery speed.

Now, Scott brings you the all new G Series. These rods advance medium action fly rods with two innovations. Scott reinvented the hollow internal ferrule to make it more flexible, stronger, and more than 20% lighter. Scott also combined their cutting edge fiber and resin systems in the most advanced multi-modulus layups in their history. New multi-slope tapers were designed to take full advantage of the new materials layups.

The results are rods that help solve one of the toughest challenges in medium action fly rod design-how to create a rod that both bends deeply and remains stable. New G Series rods balance lighter in hand, have much more stability through the middle of the rod for better tracking, and generate higher line speeds. They do all this while retaining the classic flex of your favorite medium action rods.

Scott is bringing together presentation and power, so now you can pull hard on 7X tippet AND fish in the wind. The all new G Series. Like no other.

Rod description      reel with combo à             Rod Only Ross Animas Lamson Litespeed Micra Sage Spectrum LT
or Max (5-8wt)
Hatch Gen 2 Finatic
   All are 4-piece rods           
Scott G Series 2 Wt. 7' 7" 4-Piece Fly Rod $845 $1100.- $1200.- $1199.- $1280.-
Scott G Series 3 Wt. 7' 7" 4-Piece Fly Rod $845 $1100.- $1200.- $1199.- $1300.-
Scott G Series 3 Wt. 8' 4" 4-Piece Fly Rod $845 $1100.- $1200.- $1199.- $1300.-
Scott G Series 3 Wt. 8' 8" 4-Piece Fly Rod $845 $1100.- $1200.- $1199.- $1300.-
Scott G Series 4 Wt. 8' 4" 4-Piece Fly Rod $845 $1110.- $1200.- $1199.- $1350.-
Scott G Series 4 Wt. 8' 8" 4-Piece Fly Rod $845 $1110.- $1200.- $1199.- $1350.-
Scott G Series 4 Wt. 9' 0" 4-Piece Fly Rod  $845 $1110.- $1200.- $1199.- $1350.-
Scott G Series 5 Wt. 7' 7" 4-Piece Fly Rod $845 $1125.- $1210.- $1299.- $1350.-
Scott G Series 5 Wt. 8' 8" 4-Piece Fly Rod $845 $1125.- $1210.- $1299.- $1350.-
Scott G Series 5 Wt. 9' 0" 4-Piece Fly Rod $845 $1125.- $1210.- $1299.- $1350.-
Scott G Series 6 Wt. 8' 8" 4-Piece Fly Rod   $845 $1125.- $1210.- $1299.- $1400.-
Scott G Series 6 Wt. 9' 0" 4-Piece Fly Rod $845 $1125.- $1210.- $1299.- $1400.-
^ Spectrum LT (Light) used for 3 & 4 weights, Spectrum Max starts at 5 weight so Max is used for 5 - 8 wts.  Max is better reel for line-sceaming species. Simply place your order now and Contact us after placing if you want LT for 5 wt or above, in which case you would be charged $100 less for Spectrum LT vs Spectrum Max.



Scott G Rod Series

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