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Orvis Mirage Flourocarbon Tippet 40 meter spool

Orvis Mirage Flourocarbon Tippet 40 meter spool

Characterisitics: Very strong and nearly invisible in water. Impervious to UV. Slightly stiffer and more abrasion resistant than Super Strong. Sinks quicker than nylon.

Applications: All fishing conditions where an abrasion-resistant, low-visibility material is needed. Great for leader-shy trout and saltwater species. 

  • The strongest fluorocarbon material available, stronger than Super Strong™ nylon in sizes 7X-0X. 
  • Completely resistant to UV and will not absorb water: Retains abrasion resistance, knot, and tensile strength regardless of exposure to the elements.
  • Reformulated Mirage features improved tensile strength and elasticity, making it easier to knot without sacrificing its superior abrasion resistance. 
  • A refractory index of .09 makes it virtually invisible to fish (Super Strong Nylon has a refractory index 1.53) Specific gravity of 1.76. 
  • Mirage breaks surface tension quickly. Made from PVDF (polyvinylidenfluoride)