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Stonesthrow on Jackson - FAQs

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Frequently asked Questions - Stonesthrow on Jackson


1.  What are arrival and departure times for Stonesthrow?

All overnight bookings are for 24-hour periods with two choices:

  9am - 9 am    or      6 pm to 6 pm 

The first client to book the lodge for available date(s) may choose which check-in time they prefer.

2.  Can we fish an extra day?
Each overnight includes a full day of fishing. As explained above it is either the day before or the day after your arrival--not noon to noon.  If you would like to fish an extra day (ie., two overnights and three days of fishing), then you may add an extra day to your overnight for $75 per person, or 25% off the regular price for a day pass. 

People often ask us "Why not noon to noon?"  The reason is simple:  This is small stream fishing and if someone fishes the stream during a morning, then the fishing on those waters is not as good the rest of the day until the fish can settle down.  You would not want to check in at noon and fish waters which have already been fished over!  Guests checking in ~ 9am are the first to fish the stream of for the day.  Guests checking in at 6 pm know the waters may have been fished already day of check-in, but just before a cocktail or dinner in the beauty of the Jackson, you are in a relaxed mood anyway; waters will settle down overnight and you will be the first to fish them the next day.

3a.  What type of licenses do we need?
Virginia residents 16 and over need a valid Va freshwater fishing license.  Non-Virginia residents 12 and over need a valid Virginia freshwater fishing license.  If you are over the age of 65 you still need a Va fishing license.  If for some reason you leave the stretch of the Jackson between Gathright Dam and Covington to fish off our property above Lake Moomaw you do need a Va Trout license as well. 

3b.  Can we keep fish? Can we spin fish?
No, Stonesthrow is fly fishing only, catch and release! As Tom says, we do not like to kill our business associates.

4a.  What are the borders of Stonesthrow?
We have five different properties on the Jackson and work with our neighbors in each case to keep friendly landowner relations.  Before we book you into the lodge we will review borders, and have a guest book at the lodge explaining that property. 

4b.  Will we see anyone else at Stonesthrow?   
This is the Jackson River and is frequented by the public.  You will see others on the river itself.  If questions call us 

5.  What do we do about meals?

Stonesthrow operates like a house at the beach.  We have a gas stove and gas burners as well as a grill outside for you to cook your meals.  Plenty of utensils, plates, spices etc. 

There are several restaurants within 15 minutes of the cabin from which to choose if you prefer to eat out Cucci's, The John Burke House, Applebee's).  We have a contact with the owner of the John Burke House who with sufficient notice will deliver meals for a fee.

6.  What about linens, towels etc?  We have a cleaning service who ensures that you have clean sheets and towels upon check in and they clean up towels and linens afterwards.  The neater you can leave it the better, but don't make up your bed the last day--make it obvious where you have slept.

7.  How clean can we expect the lodge to be upon arrival?  In the spectrum between the Ritz and a fishing shack where is Stonesthrow?  While we have a cleaning service, Stonesthrow is a mountain cabin and as such you may encounter small wildlife which you would expect in the mountains, so don't freak out.    Almost any time you may see a an occasional ant or similar under the bed, usually deceased.  We try to keep the lodge very clean for you upon arrival but as a mountain cabin it will not be perfectly void of any sign of life.  When we started the water had a sulfur smell but in summer of 2016 we changed filter systems and eliminated this smell to the point that we now drink the water, use if for coffee and ice cubes, and add it to a wee dram of scotch when toasting the day's fishing (the last of which requires very pure water indeed!).

8. In counting group size do you distinguish between fishing and non-fishing clients?   No.  (Most clients find it impossible to resist the urge to fish.)

9. What are the best times of year to fish?  One can fish Stonesthrow from late February - late December so long as the water level is sufficient.   From 100 to around 500 cfs most people can wade the Jackson.  From 500 cfs to 650 cfs one must exercise caution.  The safest way to fish is to book us for a float trip.

10. Billing -  what is deposit & cancellation policy?   At time of booking we require a 50% deposit for single overnights and/or guided trips a 1/3 deposit for longer trips; once you make deposit your room is reserved.  Balance due first day of your stay.  (Store is located away from lodge and is not open Sundays.)  If you have to reschedule we work with you with sufficient notice to reschedule, though as a policy we do not provide outright refunds because, like airline flights, we cannot resell these days as we get closer to the event without taking a bath.

11. How do we get into the lodge?  A day before your stay ask Angler's Lane for location of house key. 

12. What type of trout can we expect to catch?  Wild rainbow and wild brown trout are the target species.  We catch fall fish (Semotilus corporalis) consistently; these are native to the river and should be treated with respect.  Once a year or so we catch a chain pickrel, a smallmouth bass, or a brook trout.

13. Does the cabin have WIFI or Cable TV?  No; however one can see the cellphone tower from the cabin so we get excellent reception on Verizon, Sprint and most other cell carriers as well.  One can stream sports onto cell phone and hotspot to PC or hook up to TV in a pinch.

14. We are booking you for a guided trip while at Stonesthrow.  What do I tip my guide?  Tipping your guide is a personal decision, and the percentage is on par with what you do at a restaurant.  Regardless of who your guide is, the decision is your choice, and a guide tip is always appreciated.   You may have heard the one about the guide who won the lottery.  When asked by his friend what he planned to do, he replied, "Keep on guiding until the money runs out!"  


Important Reminder: Ask Angler's Lane for location of house key; if you receive a day pass to fish another Stonesthrow property then ask for your pass and gate combo.


Angler's Lane 434-385-0200 









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