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Best of the Jackson River Trip

Stonesthrow on Jackson River - Angler's Lane
Best of the Jackson River Trip -
Gift Certificate for Stonesthrow on Jackson cabin & fly fishing
2-person guided float trips plus overnights at Stonesthrow cabin 

Experience the best which Virginia's Jackson River has to offer.  With enough beds for 6, even 8 anglers, Stonesthrow can allow you to rest comfortably between guided float days with us.  Starting below Gathright dam at Natural Well/Johnson Springs, we typically guide you on at least three different floats for 15 miles to the final takeout of the trout section. We have private landings on our five different properties spread every couple of miles along the river, so we can customize floats to fishing conditions.  Also we have over a mile of walk and wade access for those who cannot get enough fishing during the day.  With multiple boats we are equipped to handle family or friend groups.  Guided days include lunch. 

Typical trips:
One guided day of float fishing, and overnight, plus a walk-and-wade day on your own     $720 for two persons,     $610 for one person
Two guided days float fishing, two overnights, plus a walk-and-wade day on your own      $1440 for two persons,   $1220 for one person
Three guided days float fishing, three overnights, plus a walk-and-wade day on your own  $2160 for two persons,   $1830 for one person

Our guided trips include lunches.  Overnight at Stonesthrow includes lodging.  For clients who want dinners brought in, we refer you to a local caterer who can prepare and bring you splendid customized dinners.  Many clients will bring meals and cook on grill outside of cabin, and some prefer to eat out locally.  

Here you can purchase a gift certificate for your friend or loved one for two-person trips.   Or a one-person trip for that avid angler in your family.  Or organize your own group of friends/family. 

If you want us to send the certificate to the recipient then just note their address on the "Ship To" as you check out.  They can set the date with us after receiving the gift.  While a day with an overnight is fun break, we recommend two or three nights to "sharpen the saw" and relax while enjoying the Jackson to the fullest.  Feel free to contact us if any questions and we will call you back, or call us at 434-385-0200.

More details and pictures - Stonesthrow on Jackson and Angler's Lane guided trips on Jackson R