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Ordering Products

Ordering products is very easy with our shopping cart. If thumbnails are used in the store, you simply need to 1) select the item by clicking on the linked thumbnail image or product name, then 2) enter the number of the product you would like and hit enter. If thumbnails are not used just start with step 2. Some products may have options you can select using familiar pull-down menus and checkboxes. You will then be taken to the review order section.


Searching for a product can be done at anytime during the shopping session by using the search utility on the left side of the screen. You simply enter the search term(s) in the text area box below the words "Search For" then hit the "Search!" button just below the above mentioned box. By default, a maximum of ten matching products will be returned per page. You can adjust this number to whatever number you wish. Also by default, the search engine looks for your terms anywhere in the product description as well as the product name. You can search the product names only by selecting the "Search item names only" checkbox.

Reviewing Order

Once you have entered a quantity of an item to order, you will be taken to the review screen. There you will see your total order so far with full details excluding any tax and/or shipping that may apply. You can also review your order at anytime during your shopping session by hitting the "Review Order" button on the left side of the screen. In the review screen, you can edit your current order.

Checking Out

You can check out at anytime during your shopping session (if you have ordered one or more products) by selecting the "Check Out" button in the review session or on the left side of the screen. The checkout process will take you through two or three screens (depending on method of payment) before your shopping session will be completed.

Pulling Up a Former Order

You can access a former order by entering the order number in the text box on the left side of the screen. This feature is useful if you want to A) continue a session or B) look up items ordered in a previous session. After entering the order number, simply hit the "Get Order" button and you will be taken to the review screen.

Changing (Editing) Your Current Order

After you choose the quantity of the item you want, you will be taken to the review screen. There you can edit not only the quantity of the item you have ordered, but you can also change the options for each item, or you can remove the item from your session altogether. Just hit the corresponding "Edit" button for the product you want to edit and you will be taken to the product page where you can edit your selected information.

Using Customer IDs

Customer IDs make re-orders very easy. When you place your first order you can choose your own customer ID. You should pick something unique that it easy for you to remember. When you place your next order, you just need to type your customer ID and your information can be accessed from your ID. Any information can be updated by entering the new information in place of the old information.

Using Express Check Out

If you have ordered from us before and you remember your customer ID, you can use the express check out feature to order your current product, skip the review page and enter the order confirmation page with your information already entered in the fields. This should only be used after you have ordered your last item for the session.