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Hatch Fly Reels

Hatch as been an excellent reel manufacturer since its inception. As they manufacture from California, Hatch falls into the category of having been severely impacted by Covid19 and related limitations. Hatch has been poised to introduce a new reel for over a year now but can give us no projected date for that reel. At the same time they stopped making the Gen 2 Finatic in the last several months. We like Hatch reels, own many, hope they will service the older reels, and hope to carry the new reel when they awake to their former energetic state. In the meanwhile we are entusiastically using the new Lamson Litespeed M Series for Saltwater, the Lamson Litespeed F Series for Freshwater as well as comparable Sage, Ross and Orvis reels when we wish to use a reel at comparable ($500 - $900) values.

Name Line Weights Diameter Width Weight (oz)