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Fishpond Nomad Native Net 25.5"


DESIGNED TO WORK for Minmalist Angler with VESTs and PACKs

Nomad Nets are constructed with carbon fiber/fiberglass composite material, producing lightweight and durable net. Waterproof, UV protected, and float like a cork. All Nomad Nets feature a rubber bag for ultimate fish care and easy hook removal.

Designed to work with both packs and vests, the longer handle can easily tuck behind a pack but is not too long to hang off back of vest.

SPECS of Nomad Native

  • 25.5" Length
  • Weight with rubber bag: 340g or .75lbs
  • 8.5" W x 17"L Head
  • Bag depth of 11"


  • Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass composite
  • Waterproof/weatherproof & buoyant
  • Clear rubber net bag
  • Matte finish for a strong grip