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Sage Fly Rods

From spring creeks to saltwater flats, Sage has the fly rod to meet your needs. We can help match a Sage rod to your destination needs and casting style for any condition.


Dart - Small water rod for short-range casting--perfect for native brook trout, mountain cutthroat and other wild species in smaller streams. Konnetic HD materials. 0-4wt models lightest, "Most precise casting small water rod ever made" declares Sage. Fills a specific need.

Igniter - Designed to handle the most technical conditions--equipped with high line-speed taper to carry large amounts of line far with wind-cutting performance. Perfect for streamer-fishing with heavy sink-tips or covering big water in rough conditions.

MOD - Modern interpretation of a moderate action specific for trout fisheries. Medium speed (using older terminology) while employing highly sensitive, lightweight, responsive aspects of Konetic technnology.

Salt HD - Provides outstanding, fast-action and high-precision for pursuit of saltwater or large freshwater species.

X - Newest generation update of Sage's famed paradigm shift in a fast action fly rods. Featuring even lighter, faster, more powerful rod blanks employing Sage's Konetic technology.


Sage's Value Fly Rods cover price points from Bronze to Silver in our vernacular ($350 - $675).

Foundation - Fast-action, durable rod for beginners or budget-minded anglers. Good value.

Pulse - Introduced in 2016, a smooth-casting, fast-action, efficient-loading rod. At lower-middle price point, a very strong investment!

Motive - This value-priced saltwater rod allows one to hit the flats with power and accuracy without stretching the wallet (or purse). Fast-action as one would expect for saltwater applications, this rod works very well for streamer-oriented fishing in fresh water rivers and lakes.