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Scott G Fly Rods

Scott G Series Fly Rods

Medium action, smooth flexing fly rods treasured by anglers the world over, the Scott G has a long history supported by recent technological updates.

Scott introduced the first G rods in 1976 with its innovative hollow internal ferrule-the most sophisticated way to connect multi-piece fly rods in a smooth and seamless fashion. In 2006 Scott introduced the G2 series and modernized medium-action fly rods by making the G lighter with increased recovery speed.

Scott's G Series (introduced for 2019) include an updated hollow internal ferrule which is stronger, more flexible, and at least 20% lighter. Innovations in multi-slope tapers produced a rod that both bends deeply and remains stable. New G Series rods balance lighter in hand, have much more stability through the middle of the rod for better tracking, and generate higher line speeds. Their claim that one can pull hard on 7X tippet AND fish in the wind will hold true (within reason). For our most experienced guides the Scott G is our favorite among medium action rods.

Prices below reflect use of Coupon Code SCOG623

  • Tailored for dry flies, nymphs, normal sized streamers
  • Delicate presentation of fly as it hits the water
  • Light with excellent stability throughout the rod.
  • All G Series rods are 4-pieces in smart aluminum tube.
  • Handcrafted in Scott's Montrose, CO facility.

Scott G Series Rod-Reel Combos

example G772 = 7' 7" 2-weight

click on rod for info or purchase

Rods Rod Only Lamson Guru S Orvis Mirage LT Hatch Iconic
G772 $895 1244 1334 1534
G773 $895 1244 1334 1534
G843 $895 1244 1334 1534
G883 $895 1244 1334 1584
G844 $895 1244 1374 1584
G884 $895 1144 1274 1484
G904 $895 1244 1374 1584
G775 $895 1244 1374 1584
G885 $895 1244 1374 1584
G905 $895 1244 1374 1584
G886 $895 1244 1394 1644
G906 $895 1244 1394 1644